7 January 2012

New Year resolutions

I missed posting these at the start of the year but it's never too late!

Image: Weheartit

Get fit - I do no exercise at all so anything will be an improvement, i'm writing off January already as i'm so busy but then i'll either join a gym or find some local classes.

College - One of my last years resolutions was to start a course at college and i've been going every week since September, I intend to carry on and sign up for the following year too. I should do a post on this soon and show you what i've been up to!

Website - This is a maybe, start some kind of travel site. I'm very into my travelling and intend to see a bit more of the world this year and would love to write about my experiences.

Shopping - Tick things off my wishlist. I'm going to start the year by trying to buy one or two items i've wanted for a while rather than buying bits and bobs here and there. My wishlist grows all of the time and a couple of the items have been on there for a year or two.

Camera - Buy myself a new camera and learn how to use it. Need to research this first.

Jeans - A random resolution but I must get all of my jeans taken up to the perfect length instead of rolling them under. I've been saying i'll do this for years. 2012 is the time!

Beauty - Not to buy any pots of lipbalm!! I have so many collecting dust as I hate dipping my fingers into the pot. Will only be buying sticks from now on.

There it is - fingers crossed and good luck with your lists.

Have a great weekend all, i'll be back next week with outfit posts and lots of new items over the last few weeks.


  1. I seriously love your resolutions and the lip balm thing, finally someone who I can empathise with lol! I will definitely be checking out your travel log website if you set one up! Best wishes with all your resolutions :) x

  2. Love this list, I've just posted some beauty resolutions and one of them is to use up then not buy pots of lipbalm! Good luck with your resolutions, the travel site sounds like a brilliant idea and I'd love to hear about what you're doing at college.

  3. Lovely resolutions, i'll definitely be joining you on the get fit one and possibly the jeans one.

    I really need to stop impulse spending this year.

    Lovely blog, I'm following


  4. Love your list! I'm trying not to spend so much money on makeup this year! xx

  5. Good luck. I always use lipgloss in stick form. I think your travel website sounds very interesting. =]

  6. Great list! Love to know what you've been doing at college, I used to take art classes in the evening, want to take some more! Yes, do a travel site! This year think I'm going back to long haul destinations as not been anywhere far out for a while! x


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