17 June 2012

Chanel May

It's been an age since I bought this polish and can't believe I left it so long to review! Chanel May is very pretty, a sugary sweet pink what I would call milkshake pink. Great coverage, this is two coats and no topcoat and it's stilll looking really good five days later. Thumbs up!


**Nail polish musing......**

I've been having a few discussions about nails and polishes and gels recently. My nail polish stays on for a long time without chipping (usually seven days and it's about ready to change) whilst others get chipping hours / a day after using the same polish. Is it due to dry nail beds?

I have very dry de-hydrated skin, dry non oily hair and wondered if its all tied in. No oils around my nails beds means the polish isn't lifting?

I could have dreamt this up but it kind of made sense (in my head)...... Has anyone got any thoughts/ answers?!


  1. i adore chanel nail polishes.
    great pink colour!

  2. You might be right! I have oily skin and I have an issue with my nail polish chipping after a couple of days...
    Very interesting thought.
    Love the polish color, Hun!

  3. It's so nice isn't it, haven't worn mine for a while, might wear it this week. You're probably right about the skin/ nails thing, the skin on my hands is quite dry but in general I don't have dry skin and there's no way my nail polish would last a week without chipping, maybe 4-5 days at the most.

  4. Beautiful summer colour!:)

    xx Laura

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  6. Amazing!


  7. Love this shade, so pretty x

  8. My friend works in the chemical business and explained why some polishes last and some don't etc and whilst I would love to enlighten you, I've kinda forgotten what he said! Will find out and let you know ;)

    Emma xx

  9. I love this colour! I have no idea how the nails work though! Sometimes I put on polish and it stays for a week and sometimes only one day without chipping, and I always buy Chanel so I don't know why it differs!

  10. The colour looks so pretty on you!!! I have quiet dry hands but guess not dry nail to hold onto polish! You are so lucky, feeling a little jel right now :) x x


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