25 June 2012

New In - Chanel Summer 2012

Yes more Chanel polish, this time Holiday a bright juicy orange. I also picked up my faithful Inimitable mascara which I didn't realise till I got home was the Intense version which I think I might actually prefer to the original which I never thought i'd say.

Also the eye duo in Sable Emouvant (my first ever neutral eyeshadows, shocking I know!) Hopefully both of these colours will be very easy to wear and can be added into my daily make-up routine without too much practice. If anyone has any eyeshadow tips please share. I am hopeless!!

Nail polish photos coming up.



  1. I love Chanel make up! I have their mascara too - it's one of the best I've tried :)
    Emma x

  2. omg i'm so jealous right now!

  3. Love the colours xx


  4. Intense inimitable is my fav mascara! Although I've recently discovered a similar high street version for wearing everyday, max factor masterpiece max mascara, can't believe how good it is! and I'm not one to normally wear cheap mascaras! x

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  6. That orange varnish is so gorgeous and summery! Almost all of my eyeshadows are neutral, I'm not great at it either, but I tend to use the lighter one all over the lid and in the inner corners of my eyes and then a darker one in the crease...not very adventurous!

  7. If I could just reach in and try on that polish I would!! I have been wearing Graphite still by Chanel because it's kind of summery but for some reason I'm already gravitating towards dark shades. Since we have a holiday weekend coming up I will do a little summer nail, wishing I had your bottle!

  8. I love the Tangerine Tango color this summer especially with gold glitter nail polish over it. These are gorgeous picks!



  9. I love Holiday nail polish so much! Definitely want to try Inimitable mascara at some point, got a few to use first though. The eyeshadows look lovely too.


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