6 August 2012

Chanel Distraction

The latest nail polish in my collection is Distraction by Chanel. I had just filed my nails and was choosing which colour to paint them when Matt walked in with a little Chanel beauty bag and a new polish for me - How sweet?! Most impressively he had picked the colour by himself!.

I believe this polish is from the Roses Ultimes collection released earlier in the year.

The colour isn't an orange or a pink or a coral it's a little hint of them all, delicate yet solid with the slightest fushcia shimmer when the light is caught. Very wearable, the colour is bright and subtle if thats possible. This is two coats plus top coat. 


Apologies for my silence over the last week, I am completely sucked in to all things Olympics. Matt and I are both obsessed and we haven't watched a single 'normal' programme since it started! Yes from 7.30am-midnight it is sport, medals and national anthems in our apartment and it's a bit of a challenge for us to leave the house in case we miss something....!

What about you are you hooked? and aren't Team GB doing brilliantly?!


  1. wow i love this coral shade.
    really nail polishes are the best.



  2. Also really enjoying the Olympics! Lovely coral colour.

  3. I like this colour; excellent choice.

  4. Love this, I have a few similar Chanel shades but could still be tempted, such a sweet little gift!

    I've been watching some of the Olympics and enjoying it more than I thought I would, I think I'm less into it as we were away for the opening ceremony and first week though.

    p.s. There's a link on my blog post to my Instagram photos.

  5. Laura you seriously have an enviable collection of nail polishes, would love to see them all lined up...!

    Thank you for your last comment, really made me smile :) I don't really feature myself on my blog as I never like a single photo. I did start my blog with outfit posts and ended up taking them down! I'm trying to work on my confidence thing!

    Re: Olympics, you guys sound exactly like me haha! It's very addictive! I went to watch the Batman film after the Trampoline event - bad move as I hardly enjoyed it and was gutted when I got home and had to watch the games on demand! Missed watching Mo Farah live but watching his current race as im typing this lol x

  6. Ow wow,love it !!

    Bisous from France

  7. great color for summer to fall!

  8. Really beautiful color!


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