27 September 2012

Taking off to Vegas

For the entire summer I have been waiting impatiently for my holiday and now it's finally here. Myself, Matt, Caroline and Martyn will be landing in Las Vegas town very soon!


I have never been before so will be going with an open mind, to be honest I want the full on bright lights, casino, gambling, show performance experience!

If any of you have any must see / eat / shop / drink places while i'm there please drop me a line in the comments. As much as I love guide books a friendly recommendation is even better. I can't wait to report back! x
I've scheduled a few posts so will be back responding and visiting your blogs soon.


  1. I've always wanted to visit Vegas but haven't had the chance I will live vicariously through your trip! Hope you have an awesome time!! :)

  2. So jealous of you. Enjoy!

    Jess xx

  3. Yay! You'll have so much fun! Las Vegas is one of my most favorite places in the world! I'm actually going there next month. My recommendations:

    -shop at the Premium Outlet
    -take in a Cirque du Soleil show (my favorite is LOVE by The Beatles)
    -watch the water + light show at night at the Bellagio hotel
    -take a walk through all the different hotels
    -The Palms hotel is off the strip but is a cool and chic hotel where a lot of the celebrities stay. They have lots of restaurants and a few nightclubs in there.

    Have fun!

  4. Another vote for the LOVE show. Fantastic. Tao restaurant is fantastic. Have a great time x

  5. You will love it! One of my most favourite places in the world because it's totally crazy. There's so much shopping to do! Can't wait to see your pics.


  6. So exciting! We have never been to Vegas but would LOVE to go! Have a wonderful trip!!!!


  7. I don't have any recommendations as I've never been but I hope you have an amazing time!

  8. Hope you have a lovely time, its an amazing place! i went when I was in my early twenties, such a long time ago! x

  9. Have fun in Sin City! Here are some tips:

    - Go to Bellagio's Petrossian Bar and get some caviar and champagne while watching the high rollers.
    - Get brunch at Tableau at the Wynn (they have a good bloody mary!).
    - Don't pay for drinks - just hang out by the slots or table games and order a drink when the ladies come by.
    - You can get 1/2 price, same day, show tickets at booths when you just walk down the strip in the middle of day.
    - Stroll through the Canal shops at the Venetian (my fave shopping area of all the hotel shops in vegas)
    - You can get super cheap steak at night - just look for the signs to light up.
    - Taking a cab is easier than driving and looking for parking - especially if you're staying on the strip!
    - The best hotels to walk through: Bellagio (they have a fab garden area they change all the time and Jean-Phillip Patisserie ), Cesaer's Palace (for the shops), Wynn/Encore (one of the newer strip hotels and the ambiance is notably nicer than at the hotels at the other end of the strip), Venetian (feels like you're in Venice!).



Thank you for all of your lovely comments. I read every one and try to visit all of your blogs!