25 January 2013

Butter London Gobsmacked

A nail polish review for you today, my first on the blog for the brand Butter London which i'm sure everyone has heard of if not got a bottle in their collection!

I was sent this polish by Powder Rooms Boutique who stock a huge range of Butter London polishes and sets.

This colour Gobsmacked is a gorgeous deep charcoal grey with a slightly matte finish and is one of the new polishes to have a textured finish. The glitter you can see in the bottle adds a little shimmer to the nails so it's not a totally flat colour.

The application was really easy, the top contains a short stemmed brush and this colour was achieved in two coats. You could also apply a clear topcoat for a little more gloss or a matte topcoat to flatten out the glitter particals.

The polish lasted 5 days with no chipping which without a topcoat is pretty impressive.


As I said you can buy Butter London from Powder Rooms Boutique and all my previous purchases have arrived with a few sweet treats included!

The sale is in full swing and last weekend I found myself stocking up on my favourite havianas for the summer (they sell a lot more than beautiful polishes). There are some great Butter London sets still available.......

I was also sent a second colour which I can't wait to show you and I thought i'd create a post showing how I paint my nails as I get a few comments asking. Stay tuned.

What do you think of this colour?


  1. The result looks amazing! Excellent choice. Have a lovely weekend.


    1. Thanks, the finish really is lovely.

  2. love the shade! I've always wanted to try Butter nail polish

    1. It's a perfect autumn winter shade, the quality is great too.

  3. O verniz é lindo , adoro a cor :)


  4. My translating isn't brilliant but thank you :)

  5. Love it, the finish is so unusual.


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