2 March 2014

{LUXX outfits} Black rose

Hey! It's lighter in the evenings now which means I should be able to get outfit shots taken much more frequently now. Has anyone else been hibernating since the start of the year? I know I definitely have. Everyday i'm counting down the days until summer, it really can't come quick enough.

I wore this outfit to go out with friends for a few drinks and lots of dancing, a step away from the blouse and jeans combo I usually wear but the blazer is still there!  I'm still not in the mood for spring pastels and bare skin, it's still way too cold for that. This subdued grey and black floral playsuit is a little nod towards a new season.




Blazer - River Island.
Clutch - American Apparel
Heels - on sale

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  1. Loving the outfit!

    Definitely need to investigate the oversized clutch. Where did you get your navy opaques?

    Very much liking the pattern and texture of the material.

  2. What a lovely look
    Im so happy its getting brighter day by day.. i wish for spring and summer soon.


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