22 September 2014

{LUXX Beauty} Destination Skin

Today’s review is exciting as I’m going further into the beauty world than I have gone before. I have shared past creams, gels and oils that my skin was loving but haven’t delved into cosmetic treatments.

The treatment I had is definitely a step up the extreme scale in terms of procedures but still relatively painless and safe for the results it gives.

I had Collagen IPL (Intense Pulsed Light). Most people will associate IPL with hair removal, I know I did but a different type of light can be used on the skin bringing different benefits.

When I went into Destination Skin I had a proper consultation and by that I mean, lay back, remove all make up and closely examine skin to determine what are the appropriate treatments. I had my pigmentation highlighted to me and shown where exactly I had darker spots on my face. These aren’t obvious straight away but now they have been pointed out I now can’t stop looking at them!

I was offered a session of IPL to boost collagen and target specific areas of pigmentation and when I agreed I had a patch test just under my jawbone to check for reactions, of which I had none. The patch test also gives the practioner the correct readings for the light strength to be used on you.

A quick note about the clinic, it’s a far cry from the relaxing sanctuary of a spa, its white, bright, clinical and professional, something I found very reassuring. I wanted to know the clinical staff were regulated, trained and accredited which they were and Kristina who I saw both times explained everything in as much detail as I needed.
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I went back a week later ready for the treatment, again had my face thoroughly cleansed, and I mean thorough. After the cleanser a strong alcohol based toner is swiped over all of the skin of your face, quite roughly to ensure every bit of oil has been removed. It isn’t pleasant and to be honest it burns a little but it lasts less than a minute as directly after toner you will have ice cold gel spread over your entire face. The gel is the same used in baby scans apparently and it feels heavenly after that toner. The gel is the barrier for the laser and can penetrate through the gel without the laser head having to touch the skin. Finally I had two eye stickers placed over my eyes to protect from the light.

Once I was cleaned, scrubbed, gelled and protected it was time for the main show. The light pulses to encourage collagen production don’t hurt, the strength of the beam used isn’t as intense and is applied all over the face (excluding eyes) the wand is placed on top of the gel and an intense beam of light shoots out, you see a bright flash of light even though you have your eyes protected and hear a noise I think sounds like a match being lit, it feels quite warm in the patch the laser has struck but nothing painful.

The next stage is to target the pigmentation areas and the light beam is increased  to produce a stronger beam. I’m not going to lie this does hurt, it’s hotter, it feels like a burn but as the blast is so quick the pain fades very fast. Best way of describing it is an elastic band flicking you. I wanted this bit over as soon as possible being a bit of a wimp but only certain areas are treated so it’s much quicker to finish than the collagen round.

Once finished the eye pads are removed, the gel wiped off, a quick cleanse, an application of hydralauronic gel and some spf 30 tinted moisturiser and I was good to go. My face didn’t look red or angry or dry or burnt, it actually looked quite normal.

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I was pointed to the areas of pigmentation that were targeted and it you looked close enough I had tiny dark brown dots scattered over the pigmentation. This is the pigmentation shattering, they really were so tiny so only visible without make-up and if you got very close to my face! I tried to take a picture but they were just too small to capture. Anyway after about 8 days I noticed the shattering had completely gone leaving my pigmentation vastly faded. Really good and a thumbs up from me.

I will definitely need more than one session to rid me of the pigmentation but the fact you can physically see the difference is really encouraging. I think 2-3 more sessions would clear the areas that have been targeted. This could be a wonder treatment for anyone wanting to rid themselves of pigment patches I’m pretty sure you will need to book a course , I doubt one session will clear the skin completely and of course you need to slather on the spf 30 and keep out of the sun to avoid undoing the hard work.

How did I find my first cosmetic treatment? Very encouraging, we all know by now that the little pot of wonder cream isn’t going to transform our skin overnight, it may improve and encourage but it is never going to turn back the clock, something I believe only treatments like this can offer. I never ever want to go as far as having a frozen, puffed up, shiny, stretched face. But fresh, glowing, smooth skin is definitely on the cards.

Would I have the IPL treatment again – absolutely.

Would I go further and try other treatments: Botox, Derma Rollers, peels etc – Yes. After some research and consultations of course!

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