5 October 2014

{LUXX Food} Madeleines

Sunday’s are made for brunching aren’t they?! I actually prefer brunch on a Saturday to fuel a shopping spree but who’s to argue. I met up with my friend Anna recently to take her to a lovely new place for brunch, better still it’s in the Cube so only a stone’s throw from the shops at the Mailbox or in the city centre.

Madeleines is a gem of a coffee house, beautifully elegant décor, impeccable service and a croissant really worth writing home about. We both started with coffees, a latte for Anna and an iced for me – how photo friendly is it! We both opted for scrambled eggs with bacon / salmon. We ate every last scrap, and it was certainly a generous portion.

Full to the brim and not being able to eat another morsel, we both thought it only sensible to share an almond croissant! Well this was the best decision made that day, I don’t know what was best the flaky butter pastry or the almond filling. Hands down the best almond croissant either of us has had. As we left I went back to ask about the croissant and it turns out they are all homemade in the kitchen along with everything else on the menu.

The rest of the breakfast / brunch menu has a nice variation, not extensive but enough to keep you pondering over what to order. The freshly baked cakes on display are showstopping, huge cakes, cute squares of brownies and crumble bars, there was the most delicious bowl of homemade carrot and coriander soup on offer, French bread and rolls just out of the oven all smelling wonderful.

I’d take anyone here for breakfast or lunch and I think you should pay a little visit, next time you’re in the city.

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