13 March 2015

{LUXX Travel} London snapshots

I took myself down to London one Saturday for a spot of solo shopping. Matt had flown over to Las Vegas for a stag week and it seemed a perfect opportunity for a long overdue visit.

Here is my day through my iPhone, I have to say i'm pretty impressed with the iPhone 6's camera, I think the market and food shots have come out nearly as good as my dslr!

I took myself off to Regents Street and first dived into Liberty’s with a quick flower stall photo first. I spent some time in the beauty hall testing perfumes that we can’t get in Birmingham and sniffing all the Diptyque candles. 

 photo london4.jpg

 photo london3.jpg

 photo london5.jpg

 photo london6.jpg

I picked up a couple of bits before walking up the creaky old wooden staircases to the second floor for a drink in the café. I had intended to have lunch but the menu didn’t grab me so settled for a Liberty Royale cocktail instead: hibiscus flower, syrup and champagne. 

 photo london7.jpg

 photo london8.jpg

 photo london9.jpg

From Liberty’s I headed further down Regents St popping into & Other Stories for a browse. I love the set-up of the beauty items displayed here but didn’t buy anything this time.

 photo london.jpg

 photo london2.jpg

Slightly further down the road I popped into Anthropologie and I snuck a shopping selfie on one of the floors with the huge foliage backdrop. It’s an amazing wall, I quite fancy one at home!

 photo london11.jpg

 photo london10.jpg

From Regents St I head even further down and turned on to Picadilly, The buildings along this street are so grand, you have Fortnums and the Ritz here.

 photo london12.jpg

I headed just up to Dover street to Acne for a browse, fell in love with two pairs of shoes which could be future spring purchases. I did pick up a beautiful plain classic scarf before heading back down and found myself opposite the Ritz. I would have loved to have popped in for Afternoon Tea but felt it would have been more fun with a friend than on my own. Maybe next time. Next was a quick stop in Fortnum and Mason to pick up a few birthday gifts for my mum and a gaze around the cake and macaron counter, so tempting!

 photo london14.jpg

 photo london13.jpg

I was decidedly hungry by this point so hopped onto the tube to London Bridge and a visit to Borough Market. The market was incredibly busy and bustling and after a quick browse amongst the stalls decided I need to sit down to eat. 

 photo london23.jpg

 photo london15.jpg

 photo london16.jpg

 photo london17.jpg

 photo london20.jpg

 photo london19.jpg

Next to the market was Black and Blue restaurant which despite being a steak specialist had quite a few smaller plates to choose from. I had a nice open view overlooking the wine merchants and market entrance and people watched for a good hour.

 photo london21.jpg

 photo london24.jpg

 photo london25.jpg

Matt’s brother had just seen I was in the area so after a few messages arranged an impromptu visit to his apartment. Another tube ride down to Stockwell took me out of the craziness into a much calmer residential street. I did fall in love with a house or two here, I decided I like to live on a Crescent one day!

 photo london26.jpg

Nearing the end of my day I headed back into the city for a final walk up Regent’s St in time to catch my train home.

 photo london27.jpg

A tiring packed day but a nice break from my usual Saturday routine. 


  1. Beautiful photos, I recently did a London post too !

    Hayley xxx

  2. Seeing these photos while I'm currently in Paris, make it so clear to me that London has been, is, and always will be my favourite city in Europe.


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