16 September 2015

{LUXX Beauty} Blonder with Harris and Gibbs salon

I get excited to attend all sort of events in Birmingham but even more so when they are on my door step! Harris and Gibbs Salon held a little launch soiree to celebrate moving to their new salon just off St Paul's Square, Birmingham.

 photo 48546359-38D3-45BF-B346-54174380BAC0_1.jpg 

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It really was a fun night with a  DJ, blueberry mojitos, candy corn shooters and some hair demos. Along with a few fellow bloggers we even managed to carry the party on for more cocktails in the city afterwards.

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A few days later I had an unexpected email asking if I wanted to try out one of the salon's services to review here. Yes please!

 photo 201E468B-4C46-4069-8C02-1B82B02C39C1.jpg

My colour was approaching 3 months old and was in need of some refreshing so I booked in with Sarah and had a skin test. Fast forward the weekend and we sat down to discuss what I would like done.

 photo 2EF300BA-8E6B-4B02-BFCA-7BCC812E8D2C.jpg

I always go for a T-section of highlights as I like my natural colour to show through and find this lightens and highlights my face enough without going for a full head. I usually ask for a few to be added around the nape of my neck so it looks even when tying my hair in a pony tail or top knot.

Colour wise I go for a clean colour, a pure baby blonde with no golden or yellow tones to it. Occasionally i'll ask for a toner if I think I need a freshen up to rid of any brassiness. At Harris and Gibbs they apply toner to everyones colour which is awesome.

 photo B7B850E2-D240-42E3-A763-349C74F2BFD2_1.jpg

I had my colour applied in foils and after checking it had developed was taken through to the smokey glass cube to have it washed off. Each wash station is sectioned off with small beaded curtains for privacy and the chairs recline so your legs are stretched out, plus the massage chair slowly works its magic and puts you into a state of relaxation. 

 photo CF10C35F-9E0A-4D9B-91E8-C71700B69ED9.jpg After the colour was shampooed out, I had a treament mask applied (TIGI Catwalk Fashionista Violet Mask) and then sunk further in to a trance with the head massage. Is this anyone elses favourite part of visiting the hairdresser?!

 photo D2A648C6-6E70-454C-9A80-CD56F37E93B4.jpg
With a freshly washed head it was back to the station for a blow dry, I really struggle with an at home blow dry so was over the moon with the results. 

 photo 7B47D34D-755A-4406-944A-292A9976BA22.jpg

 photo 0D8D6CC2-EADE-49E1-AC87-36063F39FF69.jpg

Perfectly blonde and bouncy. I will be back in for a cut very soon. A huge thanks to Harris and Gibbs for the treat, my hair is now summer holiday ready!


  1. ooooh looks amazing!! You're so lucky to be blonde enough to get away with a T section - I have to alternate a full head with a half head to stop my roots looking too crazy!


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