17 September 2015

{LUXX Beauty} Show Beauty

Selfridges had a Show Beauty expert in store for a day and I went along to check out the full range of products and left with a very glamourous bouncy blow dry. They then sent me the range of products used on me to try out at home. They have a salon in London offering 'show drys ' and stock the products in Selfridges, and Harvey Nichols online and inshore.

First off, the packaging. Super luxe, probably the most luxe packaging on the market? Black and gold spray bottles, with heavy detailed caps and cut glass and gold bottles for the fragrance and oils. Utterly gorgeous, and so dressing table worthy. The smell of the products is addictive and every one has the same scent so no clashes when using together.

Onto the products themselves:

Lux Volume Mist. To be used before blowdrying on damp hair. Spritz into roots for volume, give your scalp a little massage and then you are good to go. I think this product is responsible for the incredible height and lift after my blow dry and as a big plus left zero sticky residue. To get any height when my hair is as long as it is now is quite incredible.

Premiere Dry Shampoo is a product I can't live without, I use one on the days I should be washing my hair but really don't want to and when I want to style cleaner hair that is too slippy to hold a style. This freshens and adds a little texture for that perfect mussed up style.

Pure Treatment Oil. Oil is something I use everytime I wash my hair, I can't live without it. I leave my wet hair wrapped in a towel for anything up to an hour, before smoothing a good few drops of this through my mids to ends. I then comb through. I've found this to strengthen, moisturise and help stop split ends from occurring. I can't live without this oil.

Sheer Thermal Protect Spray. I slipped out of the habit of using a protection spray believing my hair oil was probably doing a good enough job but now i'm back on it. This one has no stickyness to it, is so easy to mist over damp hair and my styling tools don't damage my hair as much. I'll even spray a little onto my hands and smooth over dry ends if I'm touching my hair with any heat between washing. I think between using this and the oil I have reduced my splits ends considerably.

Premiere Finishing Spray. I'm not a hair spray expert, I usually just use Elnett and haven't felt the need to splash the cash on high end. The Show spray has an ultra fine mist and leaves flyaways smooth and controlled.

Decadence Hair Fragrance. The ultimate in luxury haircare. Hair perfumes are becoming more popular and I've spied a few new releases on the market. Do you need one - no. Do you want one - probably. This is leaves your hair smelling expensive, it is a sultry and decadent fragrance that you smell continuously throughout the day.

To sum up the collection is three words: Quality, luxe and expensive. For those of you who don't mind investing in hair care, try out the range and for those obsessed with the Oribe Dry Texturing Spray, I spied Show Beauty have brought out a rival, the Premiere Working Texture Spray and I can't wait to try it. If it delivers as well as the products i'm using i'm sure to love it.

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  1. You look amazing! Love the chic packaging of the hair products.


  2. Such a gorgeous hair! love it!

  3. Your hair is so beautiful, love your blog!

    Kiran |

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