13 September 2015

{LUXX Food} Henry Wongs Birmingham

 photo 000406DD-78EC-4FB1-A90E-643CA6931F6E.jpg

I returned to Henry Wongs for a bloggers evening and we spent several hours tasting a perfectly put together menu complimented by a wine for each course.

I've eaten in quite a few chinese / cantonese restaurants in Birmingham over the years and this one is always my number one. The quality of the cooking, presentation, and service are second to none and I can easily see why there are so many regular customers.

The restaurant is on the popular high street in Harbourne and the interior is modern with a few Asian touches. Our reception was as friendly as ever and we started with a cocktail before heading into the dining room for the main event.

 photo C769D9FF-2D04-44ED-A53B-9965D0445F58.jpg
 photo 1C032F14-3740-436E-B9B6-A0469D6637F4.jpg
Trio of king prawns: honey pepper, wasabi and garlic

 photo 9ED4D5FB-24A5-4629-B808-D9E0FEDE6E40.jpg
Lobster with chilli pepper

 photo 482938C7-083C-4D40-A785-55F951E8D6CE.jpg
Crispy duck

 photo 19518B4E-BF23-462B-A176-804F2299DD98.jpg
Crisp seabass in sweet chilli sauce

 photo ED0E7275-1738-416A-B751-D0CB918DED57.jpg
 photo 4D878939-71BF-456A-B4E3-C67172B009EA.jpg
Longhorn sirloin steak in teriyaki sauce

 photo 1959F8B9-4ED6-48A8-BBB5-5527B61E8FDF.jpg
Delicious crispy water chestnuts. These were Tasha's who very kindly allowed me two or three!

 photo 3D2AA594-A49B-4E09-BF11-AA84AB4EAC78.jpg
 photo 1896F764-BEAA-4AFE-B06E-C4D3B536EBBA.jpg
Mixed fitters and a fruit igloo

My favourite dishes had to be the chilli pepper lobster and the crispy sea bass in sweet chilli sauce so fresh and incredibly tasty. Each wine was expertly paired, if you visit be sure to view the wine menu, it's so carefully edited and the staff really know their stuff. A huge thank you to the team at Henry Wongs, I'm planning a return visit very soon!!


  1. These food close-ups are swoon-worthy! Thanks for sharing this, I love reading restaurant and food reviews :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  2. Yummy looks like a great meal

    Krissie x -

  3. Looking so delicious!
    Have a nice week!
    Angela Donava

  4. The food looks so yummy! I want to eat it all :) xx


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